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Labeling Your Turn Input Email and Submit Just Once
It's posted elsewhere, but PLEASE, send your emails as follows:

1. Send your turn submissions ONLY to If we can just get 15 emails per turn per game there, it will make a big difference. Don't send any questions there, and please try not to send revised orders - just wait until you are sure you have them like you want them, before the deadline of course.

2. Send any questions to, but please understand, the game master cannot check your orders for you, give you advice, or send you info not published for all players. Players are expected to get their understanding from reading the rules and the forum postings, and of course are invited to ask questions of other players on the forum, or post your own strategic and tactical advice there.

3. Use the box to request a position in a game that has not yet started. Be sure you are using only one email address that you check regularly when you send messages there so you can learn the status. We also request new players to register for the forum, post on the thread for the open game, and post a note in The Players forum thread.

Have fun! Let's try to make it easier for your hard working game master.

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