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Labeling Your Turn Input Email and Submit Just Once
I don't know how you setup your processing procedure but it's not that difficult to automate the collection of orders.

Having a standardized email subject line will enable you to write code for the mailer-daemon to store the attachment (a player's orders for a given turn) in a specific directory. So all the orders for the game are stored together whenever they are received and updated for you. This can be done automatically and without human intervention.

This way, players can submit an unlimited number of corrections if necessary and do so without you charging them a fee (which is a bit rough btw). I would provide sample code for you to do this (like I did with the random map generator a while back) but I'm too busy at work and such.

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RE: Labeling Your Turn Input Email and Submit Just Once - by unclemike - 04-12-2013, 08:29 AM

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