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Maelstrom Fortification Update
I cant be certain some people might just "rage-attack" a PC they have no hope of taking, but I suspect people still aren't clear on how much army you actually need to take a fortified PC.  After this most recent fail I witnessed, I feel I should remind people that fortifications have very high "defense dividers" now.  For instance a Great castle has a 2.7 "defense divider".  So, if I understand correctly, whatever damage your group can normally do (which can be estimated by your group value vs PC and adding in any brigade abilities, artifacts and spells) this value is Divided by that "defense divider".  So if you think you're doing 100,000 to a great castle, you're really only doing 100,000/2.7 = about 37,000.  I hate to see people losing armies over this miscalculation.

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