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What ESO Do You Pick?
I always wait until turn 3 to declare ESO, mostly because orders.  For me 17 influence and 2x princes is the no brainer.  I usually work my influence up to max as fast as I can anyway.  And something about Dukes and Counts messes with my desire for organization.  For regional control, I check my neighbors first, if I'm not worried about them, I choose control a region.  If I am, I'll choose 35+K defense or gold.  2 artifacts is usually pretty easy for a point, as is 3x level 7 agents.

When the time comes for rewards, I'll check the game again (and my gold production), if the game is going slow, or the gold is flowing fast, I pick wizards for sure, sometimes 3x.  If gold is low or the game is fast, I'll choose politicals and gold, the idea being wizards are slow to develop and need gold.  I'd consider a brigade if RD or the kingdom has healing trait.  The thing about a brigade is that there are very few that are worth 20k gold.  A paladin brigade is better than most kingdom names, and costs much less than 20k.  I think probably the ESO reward for a single point should award 2x brigades, except maybe for RD.  Even the really nice brigades like RA, SA, EL, maybe AM (very strong brigades with healing) probably aren't worth 20k, especially if you are already recruiting stormgate guard or even paladins, for example.  You'd have to be engaging in max recruiting already to want a kingdom name over the 20k gold, I think.  My 2 cents, anyway.

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