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5423 Steely Eyes (Seasonal Diplomacy)
Apologies.   I was simply trying to infer (rather than say directly), that I feel confident in more than 10 brigades of Dark Elves, Knights of Styx and Vikings of elite experience, led by three marshals and Power 6 wizards, that we will do ok vs, well, any.  Ask the Elves.

I'm sort of focused on Nyvaria right now, and I particularly like Bronze Canyon, so there you have it.   You could try to wrest it away, or perhaps develop a different plan.  But I am also attending to Darkover, so that might not be a historically lauded move either. 

How about I let you be significant in Nyvaria, unless I have to deal with others, who could be troublesome. 

I just don't know how this works out, you in your corner and all. I guess if you make a commitment to go way south, I will leave Diamond Coast alone.

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