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5423 Steely Eyes (Seasonal Diplomacy)
(04-19-2020, 07:32 AM)Senior Tactician Wrote:
(04-18-2020, 08:13 PM)Airetar Wrote:
(04-18-2020, 07:49 PM)Senior Tactician Wrote:
(04-18-2020, 07:05 PM)Airetar Wrote:
(04-18-2020, 04:49 PM)Senior Tactician Wrote: I assure you Mr Vor, the Halflings have absolutely no intention of dominating anything other than the market! (until turn 40).  Speaking of the Market, the gentle, loving Halflings are in the market to BUY lots of food this season!  Paying premium prices! (not that premium).  The poor starving people of Nyvaria, abandoned by their leader, need this food badly! (so we can build massive impenetrable castles to acquire and maintain control).  Please dig deep and find all that extra food, and put some gold back in your pocket as well!

The Halfling homeland is in winter, as are the devastated lands of the Nyvarians, so this food is essential! (for our plans to crush you).

The halflings assigned to the Nyvarian rescue parties have reported the presence of Elfs and Dark Elfs in the region.  Noble sirs!  You have our utmost respect and admiration, wanting to help these poor souls.  But please rest assured, your parties and emissaries are only getting in the way of our rescue attempts. (of our conquest)  Please, go back to your respective regions and allow the gentle, loving halflings to handle this crisis (bilk these fools).

Well, not so many Elves anymore.  Yeah, I'm pretty proud of the elite group I have.  Kick ass.  So, send me an invite: I'll be there. 

Otherwise, of course, I mean no threat to anyone.   We just want our four regions and no unnecessary collateral  damage.  Be at peace.  Stay at home.  I think it's required.

Mr Dark Elf such a spirit of competition, an Olympic Games it will be!  We are humbled by your offer and only hope our athletes can make our competition interesting for you! (saw your group, not impressed).  We propose that after this winter season is over (where you will be creating food just to feed 10 brigades, while we build a great castle, and recruit 8 brigades per turn.)  We will meet and have the first Dark Elf - Halfling Olympic games! (On Ramhorn, were we will bring 40 brigades, crush your tiny group and take the city, then move to your capitol.)  I am absolutely certain the spirit of competition is just what we need to bring us together! (as in, all your PCs will be Halfling controlled).
So I guess we are not trading. 

40 Halfling brigades.  So, that is like 6 Elite Dark Elven brigades?   How many Power 6 wizards do you have?  Just asking.

Mr Dark Elf we are in awe of the power of the Dark Elf athletes! (but 40 Vikings and three power 6's would lay them low without breaking a sweat.)

Trade, of course we can trade!  I can see its possible the benevolent and generous Dark Elves have over-extended themselves in Nyvaria during your own winter, such selflessness!  We Halflings would be very happy to compensate you for your efforts there!  Should you wish to remove all your rescue forces from Nyvaria we would be able to see our way clear to discount you some emergency food, enough to feed your brave athletes!  Say... 30k food for 15k gold each turn for the three winter months?  A very generous deal in our own winter, trading at a loss, such is the benevolence of the peace-loving Halflings! (we'd give more, but still have to recruit x8 and build that great castle on Bronze Canyon after we take it from you this turn.)

Shuhz. Players get anxious if I have two regions. Stay calm. Put her in charge, man.

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