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In search of....
My 1st craps game was way back with eric, aka, senior t. At
Binion's in vegas back in the day.
We belly up to the table and after a few rolls Leon spinks steps up to the table with his entourage and drops about a grand on the pass line as the crowd forms, the dice pass with money won and lost until senior t has the dice.
His 1st 2 rolls are 7 and the crowd is happy especially spinks who has since got 4k on the come out roll. Senior t rolls an 11 and the crowd is having a blast.
Spinks is talking to his group and I over hear him, Tell his group "this honkey is making me some money"
Eric then makes the point of 6 and we all take max odds and WHAM, he hits the 6! Long story short, he makes a point, then craps out, but what ill never forget is spinks, handed him two green chips and said "thanks for the rolls, now go buy yourself a clean shirt"! classic vegas.

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