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Any one here play or has played Hyborian wars ?
(02-16-2020, 05:36 PM)Senior Tactician Wrote:
(02-16-2020, 05:15 PM)The Painted Man Wrote:
(02-16-2020, 05:13 PM)Senior Tactician Wrote: I've played HW and DM a lot.  Both are worth a try but I doubt I have the patience for a paper and pencil snail mail game anymore... hell the 3 day wait here is challenging.

Curious if the snail mail aspect of it adds and charm? Seems fun!

When there wasn't any alternative, getting mail was great.  I must have started HW around 88 or 89, I had no email, no cell phone, so yeah, getting mail was nice.  And since turns were 2 weeks long, seeing that bundle in the mailbox was exciting, as I am sure some of the early Alamaze players can attest.

With HY, there is a lot more to read, pages and pages of story about your results.  But, like Carl said, after you saw a half dozen of them, they all sounded very similar.  Still, when you had a good turn, it was fun to read.  I had this one very talented character (dont remember spelling but sounded like "Kerand Ben-zuan") with superior personal combat and superior intrigue.  He always had a good story to tell when he came back from an adventure.  He cleaned out entire courts of my enemies.  Your characters age and die as the game wears on, Kerand was "ancient" for turn after turn, I kept expecting him to die of old age.  He never did, just kept slaying.... Now I want to play.
Really?  Enjoy your two week turn cycle and endlessly repetitive results. Or maybe you meant you wanted to do an Alamaze turn.

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