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The Intelligence Branch
Divine and Covert Strategy.

You can go covert without divine (High Priestess), and view the HP as a luxury, though the designer has pondered whether the High Priestess is over powered, so the adaptation of now Temple to Noble Maiden to Test for the Gift, to make the investment significant, and here the Devout enjoy their advantage, as well as in other aspects like having access to Avenging Angel. 

So, lets assume you are not the Underworld or even the Dark Elves or a kingdom that has Spy Network as a trait, and perhaps for better relevancy, separate Devout kingdom strategy here from other kingdoms.

So, your kingdom does not have Spy Network or Devout, how do you develop your intelligence aspect, and yes, we should include Raven Familiar and Eagle Familiar and Black Owl Totem in our calculations, as well as perhaps other artifact potential customization like Red Elk Mount, Cloak of Disguise, Mirror of Reflection, others.

How much weight do you put on gathering intelligence and how do you do it in the opening, the mid-game, and the end-game?

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