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What's that Kraken Noise I Hear?
A few things in The Choosing didn't go exactly as intended.  The spell "Summon Kraken" comes to mind: it was disappointing.  But an improved version of it certainly belongs in Maelstrom.  So the following is illustrative of the effort we're putting into making Maelstrom the best fantasy based multiplayer strategy game ever.  We think we've put this kind of thought into concepts across the board.  Summon Kraken is one of now over 140 spells in Maelstrom, with about 40 new in Maelstrom, and almost all of the previous 100 modified in some way.  While some of the below may be unclear until the rest of the naval model is released, you get the idea.

#659 Summon Kraken – Is a potential sea patrol interdiction at the same success rate as the normal Sea Patrol interdiction (60% to brigade+ sized forces, 30% to patrols in non-Elite ships) to non-allied fleets in an 5 contiguous sea area.  If successful, a battle between the Kraken and the fleet ensues.  Elite Ships are not susceptible to interdiction, nor are fleets commanded by an Admiral.  The spellcaster must be within 3 areas of any area comprising that sea.   All the sea areas specified must be within 7 areas of the caster.  An Atlantian and Pirate specialty, possibly also Cimmerian at higher levels, and wizard kingdoms. 
The Kraken is a huge terrible sea creature known to destroy entire squadrons caught unawares.  Defeating the Kraken is impossible: all that can be hoped for is escape.  Elite Ships (those carrying a patrol) may always evade the Kraken.   A fleet led by an Admiral evades a Kraken.  Escape for squadrons depends on tactical speed modified for naval officers in the fleet, or lack thereof.  The Kraken’s attack is too sudden for escorting warships to protect merchants.  The Kraken attacks the squadron with the lowest tactical speed first and inflicts damage up to the squadron’s defense points, and if the Kraken has remaining Tactical points, attacks the next slowest squadron, inflicting damage equal to that squadron’s defense, sinking it, or damaging it with the Kraken’s remaining  damage points, continuing until its tactical points are expended.  Krakens have Tactical points from 5 – 8, depending on the Power of the caster and his specialty.  A Kraken with 7 or 8 Tactical Points is considered an Elder Kraken.  Krakens normally surface for a single turn, but Elder Krakens may rampage for three consecutive turns, stories say.
 Kraken battle example: 
A Kraken attacks a fleet consisting of:
1 squadron of Brigantines             Tac Speed 2        Defense  2
1 squadron Cutters                          Tac Speed 3.5     Defense  3
1 squadron Galleons                       Tac Speed 3        Defense 3
One Naval Captain (5% bonus)
The fleet is transporting the kingdoms 3rd Force consisting of 2 brigades of Northmen and a General.  Brigades are assigned first to the squadron with transport capacity with the highest tactical speed, then the next highest, etc., until all are assigned.  All characters are aboard the squadron with the highest combined tactical speed and defense which in this scenario is the squadron of Cutters.
The Kraken is determined to have an attack of 5 (and not 6, the other possibility)
1.      The Kraken attacks the lowest tac speed squadron, the Brigantines and sinks it, using 2.1 of its attack (2 + 5% defense for Captain).
2.      The Kraken then attacks the Galleons and does the remaining 2.9 damage to the Galleons which have defense of 3.15.  This does 92% damage to the Galleons, which is more than the maximum 80% damage a squadron (or brigade) can sustain and continue with heavy damage so the Galleon squadron is sunk.
3.      The Kraken has expended its attack strength of 5.2
4.      The lone surviving squadron, the Cutters, transporting the two brigades and the General, escape.  The Brigantines and Galleons have been destroyed.
Elder Kraken:  Can Blockade.

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