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3rd Cycle The Choosing Rules & Resources
The Choosing:  Rules & Resources

The following are the documents for Third Cycle: The Choosing that provide The General Rules, The Commands, The Maps of Resurgent and Centauria, Player Aids, Kingdom Traits and Trait Matrix, Kingdom Summary Dossiers, Companion Brigade Summaries, Brigade Ratings, Brigade Special Abilities.

These all updated as of May 25, 2016.  Current documents are also maintained from the Order Entry Site, under Help Guides on the log-in page, and under 3rd Cycle Documents on the Home page of the order entry pages.  Easy access.

If it seems a bit overwhelming, the vital ones are the first three: The General Rules, The Commands, and The Maps.  All the rest are to aid players and provide reference materials on specific areas.

Thanks to all who participated in creating these materials, including of course Uncle Mike, Frost Lord, Lord Diamond, and Bananas.  Alamaze would not be the game it is without you.  Also continuing thanks to David Pitzel, who was instrumental in the establishment of The Resurgence.

This thread is not open to comments to keep it clean and just be an easy reference source.  Comments can be posted on a discussion thread.

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