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ALamaze Resurgent Cracks 100 Games Started!

Thanks to all players, supporters, friends, volunteers and developers for achieving this important landmark since our return in April, 2013. With the start of two Warlords and one Steel game yesterday, we actually have started 103 games:
  • 60 Classic games including Steel, Magic, Primeval, and some special formats;
  • 21 Warlords games;
  • 22 Titan games.
That's more than one game a week.

We introduced:
  • Plenty of variants including Anonymous, a 12 player game with no diplomacy in Steel (individual) or only among teammates in Magic;
  • Allowing players to choose the Early Strategic Objective and Secret Victory Conditions for their Kingdom, as well a Rex (no SVC) games;
  • Primeval, a 5 or 6 player game with a Mentor who assists normally newer players, facilitating their learning.  We are proud of our Mentors;
  • Introduced our Resurgent map a year ago, changing some strategic game dynamics and improving aesthetics as do the PDF results;
  • This forum, by far the most active in PBEM with over 16,000 posts, as well as email support and our website;
  • The outstanding and very popular web order entry and order validation program, which has dramatically reduced player order entry problems, updates resources available by order issued, and streamlines game master processing;
  • We're continually making improvements to both design and processing effectiveness.  Overpowered orders have been addresses, and a number of changes to kingdoms have been implemented.  Processing changes Cipher has put in place have reduced game processing time at least 75%.
  • We have the new comprehensive Valhalla, updated regularly with a wealth of awards and statistics for both personas and kingdoms.
  • Turn around time is measured in hours, not days, and may soon go to minutes.
What's next:
  • We're looking to complete the final changes to all formats in all game formats in what we collectively call Second Cycle;
  • We're working on a new engine to further automate processing including potentially game formation and game conclusion and game variables;
  • The next release is tentatively titled 4th Scenario, will be on the Resurgent map but with kingdom and design changes;
  • After 4th Scenario will be the exciting advance to 3rd Cycle, on a new map with lots of changes to game mechanics and aesthetics.
Thanks again all, looking forward to a great 2015, and don't forget to bring your friends to Alamaze!

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