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Warlords Valhalla - Games Concluded July 2014
We haven't seen much in Valhalla on Warlords, so we'll try a thread here that may combine posts for a few games.

Please post your experiences here, and other players are invited to ask questions. I think we'd all like to know why you selected your kingdoms, how Warlords is different strategically from Steel, what the epic conflicts were, etc.

This is a way to attract new Warlords players as well as to share your glory.

Please always post the game # and of course, your 3 kingdoms with each post.
Warlords #126; Morgan Kane; Kingdoms: AN/GI/GN

After 26 turns of epic battles, political skullduggery, mystic mayhem and subtle espionage, the contest finally ended in my favor as I eked out a victory over a tough DE/RD/WI by gaining control of six regions. Primary cause of victory was the AN who ended the game with 14 politicals and an influence of 23. Basically allowed me to move into a region and flip to my control within two turns, three max, while using consuls to denigrate the former owner at the same time. GI took the position of military support; GN as agent/mage support.

Kudos to the RD for ending with the highest individual status points. Kudos also to the EL/UN/BL: despite being decimated, he hung tough and remained a thorn in my side that had to accounted for each turn.

Would also like to send a thank you to Wynard. He kindly took the reigns of my nations from turns 4-14 when I was lying on the beach. Set me up very nicely!!

Would be happy to answer any questions.

Morgan Kane...aka Will
Warlords 126, VballMichael RD/WI/DE

My first attempt at a Warlords game and I loved it. It was truly fun the whole time (except when the UN spent 3 turns decimating my DE emissary cadre). Glad to hear they messed with the AN/GI/GN also. Thought I was getting special treatment.

Picked this combo to have a nice collection of military, political and magic and then I went for the direct win. I made this a sprint, and I did not plan well enough for the long haul when I barely missed winning somewhere around turn 18. Was hoping the DE could hold out another turn or so while the RD and WI secured the rest (mostly the RD). But the wily Morgan Kane was interfering. I think I played the RD very well, taking 4 regions fairly solidly, but I failed on two fronts. I did not develop the WI wizards enough (should have been a good advantage for me over the teams without the high level wizards) and I did not use agents soon enough to protect my emissaries. And Morgan, was it really necessary to steal my Crown of Anzu on the final turn? I loved that crown.

It was a very close game, where I held 5 regions for quite a while but could not quite close the deal on number 6. Congrats to Morgan Kane on a very well balanced set of attacks and on his victory. I never really saw any Elf activity, and the BL just sort of crumbled under the RD attack on Southern Sands, but those UN guys did a lot of damage to both my DE and WI emissaries and even kings. Very nice.

The fourth team dropped pretty early and the open regions were not unfairly advantageous to anyone in particular. RA/WA/TR drop maybe helped other teams a little but not enough that it swung the game. But please, only sign up for Warlords if you can see it through at least for a while.

Looking forward to my next Warlords or Titan game.

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