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Online Game Queue
Yes i very much appreciate this game creation tool. Bypasses alot of unnecessary discussion, streamlines the process. That filter should be such that when i click on my first choice of game variant ( hoping for more options there soon), it will gray out next choice of game types. Then i pick my game type and thereby including or excluding number of players i can have. Each choice in succession then impacts what options available for next category.
I understand the requests but we have to take into consideration that Valhalla needs to be preserved. In other words, there has to be limits on the type and magnitude of game variations or they may invalidate Valhalla statistics and player standings. For example, if a customized Steel game had only 7 or 8 players, it would skewer the results with much higher point totals for those players compared to a normal 10 or 12 player Steel game. So we need to have some consistency and uniformity between the game variations or Valhalla would become inaccurate and players would complain about it.

Another reason for not adding more variance is that we currently have 2,898 different game combinations (which is a lot, quite a lot actually) and adding more would only increase the complexity of the software. I think Rick also wants some conformity, much like how Chess is always the same, to apply for Alamaze as well. So even though I've added quite a few game combinations to add some life to the party (e.g., pagan for primeval/duel, random cities, classic map from 1980, most artifacts victory, +4 orders above influence, .etc.), there are some players that prefer Alamaze to be consistent between games.

So I designed the automated game queue in a manner that it would satisfy both sides of the coin: introduce new stuff to keep some players happy and to freshen up the game a bit while at the same time preserving the fundamentals of the game in order to remain competitive for the players who want consistency between games. So by juggling all of these considerations while designing the site, I tried to make everyone happy despite the complexity and sometimes sensitivity of the situation for the players (we've had players quit due to changes to the basic structure of the game and others left because they wanted something more varied).

Thirdly, the cost of developing the automated game queue cost me $16,000 personally that I would have gotten if I had spent that time working on an actual paying contract. Rick and the Alamaze community may get these things for free but it's not free for me and I have to make a pretty big sacrifice whenever I undertake such projects. Also, the game queue may look simple but the website's modern and clean looking design took time to do correctly as well as all of the code modifications that were necessary to the various software modules running on the server (to allow for game creation on the fly).

So I don't want to sound like a bad guy here by rejecting people's requests for changes but I'm not planning on making any further changes to the game queue website.
Thanks Mike for your great work. Where do we donate to the poor programmer retirement fund?
As an initial matter, I should note that I've had no Alamaze-related communication with anyone for months. So this post is entirely my independent impression, and mine alone. No one is putting me up to it.

I rediscovered Alamaze here a number of years ago, got swept up into the old nostalgia, and played a bunch of games. And then quite a while later, I lost interest for various reasons that I don't really feel the need to go into.

UM's order checker is what brought me back. I LOVED my time back, had a great run, enjoyed the players, and eventually, I lost interest again (and again, for various reasons that I don't really feel the need to go into).

I've still been following the forums occasionally, and this game queue utility looked super interesting to me, and for the first time in a long while, I started to catch the urge to play again.

So I'm very sorry to hear it has been shut down permanently, and that UM is gone for good. And the urge I started to catch is gone with it.

Anyway, just a random thought, from a former veteran. Hope you're all well indeed! Things are great here personally. Thanks, and all my best.
Thank you Mike for all your hard work and effort. I wish i had a way to reward you for helping to make Alamaze great. For Honcho, it is not a given that the game queue is shut down permanently nor is it a given that UM is gone for good. Those are suppositions. Nevertheless if he reads this , please come back Mike.

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