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Games stacking up - Jumpingfist - 04-24-2015

I have noticed I am getting a lot of games that run on one day and only a few on another.  In the past I think this was watched more closely as a need to spread the work load of processing turns.  But now with automated turn they just go.  But I also prefer to get my results spread out as well so I get to enjoy the turns more.  

Would it be possible to look at over all games being played and set T1s for new starting games fill where things are imbalanced.   Currently I play 7 games one day and 2 on the other rotation.  I expect some stacking as I am not in every game so could just be the games I started but more than 3:1 is high.

RE: Games stacking up - Lord Alz - 04-25-2015

I agree, spreading it out is preferred. I have 5 games all on the same day.

RE: Games stacking up - Madmardigan - 04-26-2015

(04-25-2015, 09:28 AM)Lord Alz Wrote: I agree, spreading it out is preferred.  I have 5 games all on the same day.
Yes, could it be spread out a little please.

RE: Games stacking up - Diamond Cutter - 04-27-2015

I'm in agreement. Maybe there's a technical reason they all run at the same time though.

RE: Games stacking up - unclemike - 04-27-2015

Actually, this is on my list of things to do and allow games to be run on different schedules but I just haven't had the chance yet to write the code. I'll try to get to it this week to help everyone out but we're in the process of trying to freeze the 2nd Cycle software this week as well.

RE: Games stacking up - Sinestro - 04-27-2015

It's nice to see that progress is being made on a weekly basis with Alamaze