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Turn efficiency - VballMichael - 04-07-2015

Ok, so yesterday my 2 games ran by 12:02 and I had no errors/issues.
Today, all 4 games ran by 12:01 and I had no errors/issues.
Can life get any better?

RE: Turn efficiency - Ry Vor - 04-07-2015

Thanks VBM, always nice to hear our efforts are appreciated.  It's what keeps us enthusiastic!

RE: Turn efficiency - HeadHoncho - 04-07-2015

VBM: "I submit that it can NOT!"

Kudos to the processing and the team, for sure!

RE: Turn efficiency - Lord Diamond - 04-07-2015

I absolutely adore having the turns reliably process shortly after Noon. If UM had not made any other updates, he would have my sincere admiration for accomplishing that alone.

RE: Turn efficiency - Diamond Cutter - 04-08-2015

All the turns run exactly on time. Amazing.