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Attacking Pop Centers - DuPont - 03-23-2015

I have to say, I really don't like what has gone on with attacking pop centers. If this is how it's going to stay, I'm going to avoid playing military kingdoms because the price of attacking is just way too high.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - Ry Vor - 03-23-2015

Uncle Mike, Cipher and I have been discussing all battle types over the weekend and today.  More news later.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - DuPont - 03-23-2015

Very glad to hear you guys are on the case! Smile

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - Diamond Cutter - 03-23-2015

What's the issue DuPont? Out of curiosity.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - DuPont - 03-23-2015

I am finding that the losses of troops from attacking pop centers has increased as has leader deaths. I will never select a ESO goal that relies on having a certain number of leaders again.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - unclemike - 03-24-2015

Well, send us what game, turn, and kingdom that you're questioning and we'll look it up (send to not my personal email address). Based upon the number of requests, your situation may be investigated within a few days.

The new code has been verified to use the official combat values. Maybe people weren't paying attention to these things before with the older system and now they are noticing the effects of the new policies in place (like increased leader deaths or magic spell density or something else).

The only difference between the two combat systems is a particular stage called "cavalry retaliation" that the older code wasn't doing properly and Ry Vor gave me direction on what to do about it in the new version but everything else is according to spec with the automated system.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - Jumpingfist - 03-24-2015

One thing that is different is attrition. This almost seems to be rolled back to before cipher fixed it in clipper. I have combats finishing with more attrition than should be possible. 3 brigades start with 0 attrition attack a PC and finish with 3 brigades and 45% attrition. I attack with large TR groups of kingdom brigades and take no real losses because I do not loose a brigade even though my attrition is higher than a brigade loss would be for that size group. After a 236 order they are stronger than they started with a moral boost. No need for support the losses are correct just different than they used to be.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - unclemike - 03-24-2015

This discussion was regarding combat values, not attrition. Attrition is undergoing some changes and there may be another adjustment later this week. The new code was adjusting attrition based upon a brigade's combat value (so reorg a GI brigade would heal the group more than a RE) but the older code was doing it differently so I'm in the process of making that change.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - Acererak - 03-24-2015

Here's one for you UM in game 300:

19K division, 160% morale. Marshal 2 and Power 4 wizard vs a village with 2,100 defense. So almost 10 X 1 odds.

Result: Nomad loses 2,300 troops (a full brigade) and of course a leader too.


Assault by the 1st Nomad full division on the Sorcerer village of Frinlas, located in area
TX of Synisvania: In the first hour of morning Marshal Tranik commanded his 1st Nomad full
division to advance upon the village. As the most important group of their people, the
fighters are visibly bolstered by the presence of the first Nomad banner! As the attackers
advanced through the plains the first missiles sang out. The Nomad skilled archers
inflicted light damage to their opponents lines. The wall defenders skilled archers
inflicted little or no damage to their opponents lines. The Nomad wizard Khojah dismounted
past the defensive misslers on the battlefield. The Nomad Power-4 wizard Khojah cast a
series of minor assaults: some lighting, fire, and sonic blasts which disrupted the
opposing troops. The Nomad emphatic mages dealt out considerable damage to the wall
defenders. Within a few hours, the village defenses were obliterated and an unconditional
surrender was offered. The Nomad banner now waves nobly in Frinlas! Nomad casualties were
put at 2,300 troops. Nomad leader Captain Nexus was slain in battle. All the Nomad wizards
survived the fray. The indisputable nature of the Nomad force's victory has greatly
increased morale.

RE: Attacking Pop Centers - unclemike - 03-24-2015

Read here for explanation of that battle: