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RE: Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker - Hawk_ - 03-02-2015

(03-02-2015, 09:53 PM)bananas Wrote: Thudargh agreed that I could post the spreadsheet to bintray so that y'all would have a place to download it from. 

Excel Alamaze Map and Order Tracker v2.0

I like the excel parser map.  It looks like something I will be able to use once I have a little time to play with it.

Nice work!

RE: Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker - Lord Diamond - 03-03-2015

The only error is the one I created. The area marked 'void' at MN is wrong. the Void is actually in the mountain of NN.

RE: Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker - Thudargh - 04-05-2015

I have updated the Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker.  The non-macro version 3.0 has been uploaded to the first post in this thread.  I've also sent the macro version 3.0 to Bananas for posting.  Here's the list of updates:

1)  The map now formats '#' followed by two spaces as white text to indicate No US, but could still have a PC.
2)  The Turns sheet has been enhanced
     A)  Kingdom specific data entry has been moved from the bottom to the left, and will remain visible while scrolling through turns.
     B)  Up to 50 owned PCs can now be tracked.
     C)  Location has been added to PC detail, which allows long term forecasts to automatically account for summer & winter.
     D)  Selecting your kingdom will automatically load the correct kingdom brigade types.
     E)  A full 40 turns is available, including long term forecasts of production & military spending including reinforcements.
     F)  Exact seasons can be seen along with the turn numbers.

Macro Specific
1)  It is now fully compatible with the .dat files produced by Bananas Turn Parser 5.0.
2)  PC detail can be loaded into the Turns sheet after a .dat file has been loaded.

Note:  The Void is still listed in the wrong square on the map.  I didn't have a chance to get that fixed and I didn't want to delay providing the update since I don't know when I'll have a chance to work on this again.

RE: Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker - bananas - 04-06-2015

I apologize for the delay, but Bintray is refusing to let me upload the file. Not sure why, since it was happy with v20.

See if this link works.

RE: Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker - bananas - 04-06-2015

I've sent a help request to Bintray for why I cannot upload that file. In the meantime, I'm assuming that the github link is working and you are getting a macro-enabled spreadsheet. (I can verify that the download works, but since I do not have excel, I cannot verify that the macros are there and work).

Also, shame on me for changing the interface (the csv file) of the parser and not giving Thudargh a heads up. Sad I should know better. My apologies.
Based on Semantic Versioning, release 1.3.0 should really have been 2.0.0 (to indicate the change of interface). Hmmm.... I guess I should document
the API first, LOL!

RE: Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker - bananas - 04-07-2015

Well, Bintray came back and said that it was a real bug and that they fixed it.
Version 3.0 is now sitting up on Bintray next to 2.0

RE: Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker - Thudargh - 05-03-2015

The first post in this thread has an updated link to the latest and greatest version of the Excel Alamaze Map & Order Tracker, version 4.0.  It has a few tweaks, such as tracking Turn 30 reinforcements and getting the Load Manual button linked to the right macro, plus a major upgrade which is the ability to parse .html turn results.

Why did I program a parser when there is a perfectly fantastic Bananas Turn Parser available in another thread?  Far and away the main reason is that it was fun to do.  I code as a hobby and I've learned to never let duplication of what's already been done stop me.  Maybe someday I'll come up with an idea no one has already run with, but until then I'll follow the footsteps of the masters.

That being said, there are a couple of advantages to using the now built-in parser over the Bananas Turn Parser if you decide to use this spreadsheet:

1)  You don't have to load your turns into the Bananas Turn Parser first just to be able to load them into this spreadsheet.
2)  The Load Turn Details button on the Turns page doesn't produce fully correct production results per turn from the Bananas Turn Parser .dat files.  It looks like the Bananas Turn Parser tracks production forecasts, whereas the setup of the Turns page requires tracking actual production as well as forecasted production.
3)  The Parse All Turns button will parse & load all .html turns within the same folder as the selected file, forestalling the need to load each turn separately. This is an advantage for standby players taking over a position or for Warlords or Titan players.

A couple of things to note:
1)  I created and tested the parser with .html turn results saved as full web pages.  I don't know if it would work with results saved in a different manner.
2)  The parser only works on Turns 1 through 40.  If you try to parse the kingdom set-up or Turn 0, I assume it will crash.

That about covers it.  If anyone notices any weird results or unexpected crashes, please let me know.