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RE: Resurgent Map - bananas - 02-25-2015

Thanks for the plug Smile

But it is all true. my little tool was never intended to do the things that LD does with his maps. But that is only because I never thought of it. But the idea has been planted. And actually, it sort of combines nicely with one of the ideas I had been toying with (but could not find a reason to implement). That is, a 'play' button that would allow you step through the various turns and see how the map changed. I figured it would be cool, but not that useful. However, if each turn saved all of that crazy stuff LD puts on his maps, scrolling back and forth through the turns could be really interesting. But that is for later.

If I learned anything from my father, it is 'the right tool for the right job'. I watched him struggle with many a car, plumbing, or other household repair (while somehow never pointing the flashlight at the right spot! Smile ) only to find out later that there was some kind of funky, custom tool made for exactly the problem he'd been fighting with for hours. That custom tool trivialized the task.

So yes, the parser is a niche tool. It is my goal to see someone place it on a shelf, right beside his other prized tools. Smile

RE: Resurgent Map - Lord Diamond - 02-25-2015

I don't disparage the Parser at all and Bananas has already implemented postive changes in just the past few days. Like he said, it wasn't originally designed to do the things I use the map for.