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Where Does Fun Come From? - Ry Vor - 06-30-2013

I'm thinking most players don't play necessarily to win, but to enjoy the contest, to learn some new things, improve their skill, meet new people, be a respectable player. Lots of posts are from a few players that are kind of the "Alpha Player" type. Am I wrong? Please vote on the poll, as this will help quite a bit on how we do or don't change the game in Arda. Another way to say this, is do you play for intense competition and victory, or for other reasons? Some regard this as heresy ipso facto, but I wonder if most don't have another view. Vote on the poll.

RE: Where Does Fun Come From? - Jumbie - 06-30-2013

All of those options apply to me to some extent.

I feel option 1 is too severe to apply to me and option too is too lacking in conviction to apply to me. Factually, option 3 is me for sure, but it doesn't explain where my fun comes from.

RE: Where Does Fun Come From? - Lord Diamond - 06-30-2013

Thos should have been multiple choice. I don't think that I can narrow it down to one. Some games are different from others as well.

RE: Where Does Fun Come From? - Yellowbeard - 06-30-2013

"I want to play well and execute a plan, but don't care much about my place at finish." is the closest answer for me.

As corny as it sounds, the fun part of the game comes from the communications with the different personalities, and drawing up and executing plans well. If I do that, and enjoy myself, winning is secondary. Obviously winning is the end goal, but getting there is the fun part.

RE: Where Does Fun Come From? - DuPont - 07-01-2013

I play to win, but it doesn't bother me much if I don't and I don't quit a game even if I have no chance to win.

RE: Where Does Fun Come From? - Lucky Tiger - 07-11-2013

I sure would like to be in the top three, but no where near so far. I enjoy the game and communications. At one point in time I did rather well I have a lot to relearn and enjoy doing it all over again!