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Game 100 - Ry Vor - 03-28-2013

This thread is for the players and their personas of Game 100. Those players may want to subscribe to the thread, post their personas, and send private messages within the forum to others in the game. Your choice.

Meanwhile, all manner of discourse and smack (within reason) is also welcome.

RE: Game 100 - Daenerys_Targaryen - 03-28-2013


All messages to me or posts on this forum must be as follows

Salutation : Princess Daenerys Targaryen

In the message/post address us as "Your Grace". Don't include the ""s. That would annoy us.

The Red Dragon

RE: Game 100 - Agent Orange - 03-28-2013

LoL..I'm not in 100...but I'm already looking forward to a game with you in!

RE: Game 100 - Ry Vor - 03-29-2013

"Princess"? Not Mother of Dragons? Or Khalesi?

RE: Game 100 - wfrankenhoff - 03-29-2013

Greetings to all the nations of Alamaze,

The Elves of Oakendell wish for peace, good wines and tasty nibblings (by necessity in that order). We look forward to communicating with our fellow monarchs.

Morgan Kane

RE: Game 100 - syphax - 03-29-2013

THE STONE GIANTS ARE HERE. All hail our King KING Syphax.

We are open to discuss trade and hopefully meet new allies.. Big Grin

RE: Game 100 - Kalrex - 03-29-2013

"We are open to discuss trade..."

Shortly we'll be discussing your surrenderWink

RE: Game 100 - Kalrex - 03-30-2013

Here we go!!! Good luck everyone. I know me and Walter have waited VERY patiently for this day.

Witchlord can be contacted via me on here.


Kal Rex

RE: Game 100 - syphax - 03-30-2013

hehe well said Karlrex!

The game is on!
Good luck to all, and remember. The enemies of the Witchlord are my friends.. Wink

RE: Game 100 - Lucky Tiger - 03-30-2013

The ancient ones are here and ready to talk about the bright future of Alamaze.

I am particularly interested in reaching out to my neighbors to talk about a peaceable way forward. Troll king, Gnome king who have not been active on these boards please contact me. We should talk.