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RE: 5481 Ice Age Summertime - uncledarkseid - 10-23-2020

(10-23-2020, 04:32 PM)HabeusCorpus Wrote: Congrats Uncle - well played.  You were dominant for sure - I had nothing that was going to be able to slow you down.  You had created an economic juggernaught and your teleporting, invisible, armies could strike at will with the follow on plethora of castles/great castles completely negating my politicals.  Well done.  Lesson learned ... don't let the SO grow unmolested for 20 turns.  Smile

Nicely done!

Thanks to everyone for the fun game  ... enjoyed it.  My big whoops was taking Mythgar accidently with my political.  Didn't monitor things too closely - if I hadn't tipped everyone off on that, I think I could have won (unless of course DU and SO had already planned to hit me on the turn they did).  If it had been delayed by one turn I could have taken Zamora and Mythgar on the same turn quite easily.  I had the Dragon on his knees but took one village too many in Mythgar!!  Whooops.  Smile

I had not planned on hitting you until you took that third region. I cut all operations up north and headed south immediately. You would’ve taken it without that.  
Great game everyone.

RE: 5481 Ice Age Summertime - Pine Needle - 10-23-2020

Sweet! I thought the CI would be great, and they were, but movement was just a little slow, and UN put up more of a fight than I thought. I really thought he would drop. I had a chance at hist capital but because I had no windstorm, my army bounced. Then he started killing all my s__i.
I had maybe a 10% chance when the BL dropped and the UN was on the ropes- two turns to move to Stormgate though, and that was too much. Ice age scenario is... interesting. I think those wizards kingdoms can grow even more unmolested (with the movement restrictions and not much food consumption) and might be even more strong.

RE: 5481 Ice Age Summertime - Pine Needle - 10-23-2020

Dupont really kicked my ass. Man, I thought I had him, then I finally found his capital and he had three level 19s or something, and I was like "Ruh roh".