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For 2019 - Ry Vor - 12-14-2018

If there was to be a new release early in the New Year, what priority would you put on the following:
  • The Maelstrom map
  • Any kingdom in any region setup
  • PC Improvements like castles and ports
  • New kingdoms
  • Changes to sea power
  • Other
You can be as specific as you like.  In general, this would be a quicker, limited project so the more complicated, the less likely it is to be done.  What do players think is the best bang for the development buck?

Not to influence too much, but I'm thinking it would be great to play on the Maelstrom map, and all the new strategies and nuance with figuring everything out on a new continent.  Then I have opinions on the rest but I did want to seek some input, but I may need to decide in the next day or so.

RE: For 2019 - RELLGAR - 12-14-2018

Maelstrom Map, that would solve many problems, such as some kingdoms being subpar to others and having to be stuck playing them, ie SA and BL. It would provide new strategies to be discovered.

RE: For 2019 - Wookie Panz - 12-14-2018

New map, followed by any kingdom in any region.  The rest could be added later.

RE: For 2019 - Calidor - 12-14-2018

Maelstrom map followed by new kingdoms

RE: For 2019 - PTRILEY - 12-14-2018

Same as stated above

RE: For 2019 - IMPERIAL_TARK - 12-14-2018

Map, any kingdom/any region, new kingdoms

RE: For 2019 - Ry Vor - 12-14-2018

Can someone remind me what were the names of PC's that were awarded for winning Championships, in honor of Michael Hotchkiss, and otherwise suggested?

I'm glad we have the Maelstrom map and the breakthrough of any kingdom in any region, with the regions having their own characteristics as the two main components in the comments received.

RE: For 2019 - RELLGAR - 12-14-2018

Ohmann The Heartless

RE: For 2019 - VballMichael - 12-15-2018

I have one coming for winning championship twice in a row after your foolhardy dare that it could not be done Smile.

How about a village named Ballville?

RE: For 2019 - Wookie Panz - 12-15-2018

(12-14-2018, 11:47 PM)RELLGAR Wrote: Ohmann The Heartless

I second that.  We need a character named for Ohman.  Maybe a pc called Heartless Haven?  Or Heartless Hamlet?