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Primeval Championship 2018 - RELLGAR - 10-17-2018

Victory By Rex Is The Nomad Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-23  Grand Total

          1     NO     Draugr                    16,955      22,230
          2     AM     Rellgar                    8,600      12,959
          3     AT     DuPont                     7,820      12,010
          4     BL     Vball Michael              6,680      10,180

Conradulations to Draugr on a hard faught game. You finaly got your decleration to match your win qualification. 

RE: Primeval Championship 2018 - Calidor - 10-17-2018


RE: Primeval Championship 2018 - Draugr - 10-18-2018

That was one hell of a Cat and Mouse game being played out with DuPont. Hats off to you Sir. Twice I could have won if I declared REX vs Usurper. Once I finally had the AT under control and the dang AM butted in to drive my city neutral stopping me from winning. I must have set a record for most failed victory checks. So many were lost by a single village or town taken with a concealed Emmy.

For sure the most interesting primeval game I have played, thanks to such excellent opponents that would never say die.

RE: Primeval Championship 2018 - Ry Vor - 10-18-2018

2018 Primeval Champion of Alamaze:


Well done and congratulations to all finalists as well as all participants in the contest.