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Full Version: Podium Primeval
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This is a 5 player game for experienced players who have finished on the podium in a 12 or 15 player game.

It is Rex or Lion's Share at the end of turn 24.  The kingdoms are the Witchlord, Warlock, Sorcerer, Gnome, and Ancient Ones.  First come, first served.  Claim your kingdom here.
(long enough yet?)
GN guy
WI please
Wanted to throw out there that my feeling is in a Podium Primeval, it should be Anonymous.

Also, that if you wish, you can choose to pay a flat $40 for the game instead of a setup ($10 for Primeval) and a game slot.  So if it goes the full 24 turns, that's 3.5 months of a game slot not filled, and the $10 setup not spent.

We have two slots left to fill in this Magic Primeval unique format: Warlock and Ancient Ones.  Both have a lot of room to roam.
Ah, Hell. Count me in for Warlock. Definitely not the best starting position and one of only two with a natural enemy, but the wizards are better then the Ancient Ones and that is going to be a big deal in this game.

I will go with the $40 option.
I'll round this out and take the AN if that $40 option works for me. Waiting to completely re-up for 3rd cycle but am having a hard time without my Alamaze fix. :-)
I would like $40 option as well
I'll do the $40
Looks like we have five!

By 'anonymous', I assume that Rick means that we shouldn't communicate during this game. Good luck to all of you.
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