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Full Version: Primeval for Non-Podium Players
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This is a 5 player game for personas who have not yet finished first, second or third in a 12 or 15 player game.

The game ends no later than turn 24 by the Lion's Share (status points), if no one has won by The Rex (4 regions).

The kingdoms are Elves, Dwarves, Black Dragons, Gnomes, and the Giants.

Claim your kingdom here, first come, first served.
I'll try the elves please.
I'm in for the Giants
Black dragon please
People must be afraid of the dragons heh.
I will take the Gnomes
[Image: 9a9f97500bdbf13dfddc1e1b61ace8bf-d6h59lm.jpg]
(07-03-2015, 07:37 PM)Hector Wrote: [ -> ]I will take the Gnomes

Welcome, Hector, and good hunting!

We lack a Dwarven Lord.
Take me out of this
We have Black Dragons and the Dwarven Lords available for claiming.
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