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Full Version: Alamaze Player Aids
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This is some fantastic work from Frost Lord.  All six of these utilities on one file - be sure to change the sheet to see them all.  Everything everyone has asked for is here! (Remember the Unusual Encounter calculator is for games started after May 22, 2015. Much harder for games in progress - beware.)
I have to say after submitting my first turns that I am absolutely stunned/blown away at the tremendous support resources this game provides in terms of the table calculators, order entry verification, the bananas turn parser, forum support, adaptable maps, player aids, etc. Truly outstanding. KUDOS!!!!  Smile  

I really didn't know about these (or understand them) when I first joined (and would still have joined and played the game if they weren't there) but I surely appreciate them now that I'm entering turn orders.  An added bonus for sure.
Thanks Imperial Tark.  We have tried to make the game with 70+ minimum (not counting spells, artifacts, etc) pages of rules more accessible, and we do applaud our citizen-warriors who contribute valuable tools for the community. 

I wonder if we have a player that has submitted quality video to Youtube that could do an Alamaze primer, with script support from us?  So, probably several three minute segments, how to sign up for an account and for a game, how to submit orders and what the order checker does, the map and the Bananas Parser, and commentary on a turn result by section: what each part shows, some interpretation.   We could give some compensation for this effort if it is beyond a reasonable volunteer undertaking.