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Full Version: Warlords Game?
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Gauging interest in an open draft warlords game with the following player-enforced rules:

1) Open draft run by a non-player so the teams are known but not the specific player playing each team.

2) No diplomacy.

3) No drops prior to T12.

4) No 201-215 orders among Kingdoms outside of your team.

5) No Ally declarations among Kingdoms outside of your team.

Also open to Pagan (no High Priestesses) but don't have a strong feeling about that either way.
Not interested in playing but would be happy to help with your draft
Looks like not much interest in this right now, no worries at all... will probably join the next individual game that starts.

On that note, what do you think, Ry Vor... anonymous? Pagan? Independence? Something else entirely?
Since 3rd Cycle starting with The Choosing are going to be 12 player games, I'd like to see a couple 15 player 2nd Cycle games in case we have total migration to 3rd Cycle. 

I think anonymous especially in 15 player makes it tough on some kingdoms, so I would choose Full (15 player with diplomacy) Steel (no pre-existing alliances) SVC Chivalrous (newer players get +25k gold. 
What about primeval