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Full Version: Hunger Games the Hunt Begins
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Are you the Hunter or the Prey?   Come join this elimination game of Winner take all.

This is a 6 players game each controlling two kingdoms in an anonymous format.  The goal is to be the last player standing by removing/Eliminating the other kingdoms from play.  This is intended to be an experienced player game so chivalry rules do not apply for signup.  Of course any player is welcome to play.  

The Rules:
- sanctuary - not allowed 
- Winner is last player standing
- if no winner.  then winner is player with highest status point kingdom.  Still only one winner, no second place
- no SVC, REX, or team victories possible
- anonymous/exploration format
- anonymous snake draft w/all 15 kingdom available (note dragons can Not destroy water PCs)
- takes two slots to play
- winner gets recognized (totally up to Rick how this would work)  

Do you have what it takes to Win the first installment of Alamaze Hunger Games?
Just to be Official. Count me In
(04-17-2015, 02:27 PM)Jumpingfist Wrote: [ -> ]Just to be Official.  Count me In

Count me in.
Can't do two slots right now. Maybe in the near future.

Did you ever get confirmation this is a 3 turns/2 weeks game?
(04-17-2015, 04:09 PM)HeadHoncho Wrote: [ -> ]Can't do two slots right now.  Maybe in the near future.

Did you ever get confirmation this is a 3 turns/2 weeks game?

Running the standard schedule of Monday->Friday->Tuesday->Monday is easiest on me. Warlords and Titans are special and only run once a week (any day of the week but only once). Any other variation requires code changes of which I probably won't have time to do so I hope the standard schedule is good for everyone.
I am in!
Just curious for future reference... would it be theoretically possible to run a Warlords game on the M-F-T-M schedule as well, perhaps for the cost of a third slot? Or would that require more coding?

To be clear, I'm not pushing or advocating for that here, I'm just wondering if it's even possible. Smile
I'm in.
1) Jumpingfist
2) Lord Thanatos
3) Airborne Ranger
4) Madmardigan

Two spots left
Anyone interested in having this game have random city locations? Every region will have just one city but it's location is unknown so you'll have to discover it. If so then I may join this game myself because games with predefined cities are just too boring for me...
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