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Full Version: Ways to Extend Titan Games
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If you haven't played Titan before, it's a bit of a mental challenge trying to keep all six Kingdoms organized, and a bit of an endurance test to enter orders for all of those Kingdoms, BUT for those who opt to persevere through that, it can be a real blast.

With that said, the composite average length of a Titan game is slightly over seven turns, as one side or the other sees the writing on the wall and generally concedes.  Not a critique, just a reality.

On top of the three slots (a likely increase in fees of either $10 or $20 per month, depending on your service level), given that the setup cost per side for Titan is $42, that can be a bit of an expense to absorb for an average game length of seven turns.  Again, not a critique, just a reality.  I am definitely NOT begrudging Rick a way to generate some revenue!

In that light, I just played a really fun experimental Titan game with some additional player-regulated (i.e. not coded into the system) rules:

1) No enemy group-to-pop-center or group-to-group interactions until beginning of T6.

2) No High Priestess 750 divinations or Wizard 751 divinations until beginning of T11.

From my perception, this helped to extend the game, to the end of T9, and so I'm wondering if it might be better to take it a step further, even.

1) No enemy group-to-pop-center (interactions with neutrals are OK) or group-to-group interactions until beginning of T11.  (Again, this would be a player-regulated rule, and NOT a suggested change to the code.)

2) Pagan (no High Priestesses at all, although 751 would be allowed).  This would hopefully be coded, since it appears to be a currently available variant.

In the game I just finished, even with no all-out battles between groups or pop centers, there was still a lot of conflict and maneuvering in the first five turns, particularly among political emissaries and agents and certain non-group-related spells.  By having this "limited war" concept in place for the first ten turns, you could spend some time building up and even making your ESO before the "all-out war" phase truly begins in earnest.  And then you're having bigger battles, with more troops, more wizards, and in my opinion, more fun.

It may even be neat to try extending the limited war to beginning of T16, although that might potentially feel too long.

Anyway, I toss it out here for the purposes of discussion.  I'd be interested to see if this might spark more Titan games, as Titan game starts currently seem very low.  (Once again, not a critique, just a reality.  It may be perfectly fine for certain variants to be less popular or even extremely rare.)
I like your suggestions. I would be pissed if my $42 game ended on turn 7. It isn't hasn't had time to get even get fun by then. A Pagan game would likely really drag out.
Maybe the sweet spot is 12 turns of limited war, i.e. one full year... it's thematically appealing, on some levels.
I would nt be found of limiting my choices to wage war. But have no problem with starting weaker or pegan or something to that effect.
I could be talked into trying my first Titan game if anyone is looking for an opponent.
DuPont has first dibs on my slots for this variant Titan game, if he wants them. But if he passes, I'll let you know. Smile
DuPont and I are trying this variant, we are all drafted and have e-mailed signup. DuPont chose first, and then we alternated double-picks until DuPont also chose last.

1. RD
2. BL
3. DE
4. UN
5. GN
6. WA

1. GI
2. EL
3. RA
4. AN
5. DW
6. SO
Bumping this to the top. I've had a couple of games end recently, and another one or two looking to end soon, so I may have a few slots open for a Titan game (or I could just lower my service level).

If anyone is interested in this variant (Pagan, player-enforced rule of no group-group or group-controlled-pop-center interactions for the first 12 turns), please let me know. Thanks.
(04-25-2015, 06:59 PM)Drogo Wrote: [ -> ]I could be talked into trying my first Titan game if anyone is looking for an opponent.

I will play against you Drogo. Am leaving now for an evening with my son. Can we start the draft late tonight or tomorrow? You can select the draft order and I can be online in about six hours. Should be fun!

EDIT: Didn't realize that post of Drogo's was so old. I can discuss rule sets with you late tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks LT but that post was from 4/3/15. I'm currently in my 4th Titan game, this one against Will.

I am looking for an Anon Dual Duel, Anon Steel or possibly a Warlords but not a Titan at this time.

I think HH may be your huckleberry though.