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Full Version: Any Appetite for Open Drafting Warlords/Magic?
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Just wondering if there's any appetite for open draft Warlords or Magic games?  It would look something like:

Exploratory (all new games start this way)
All 15 Kingdoms Available
No Diplomacy Except Among Teammates (the team battle lines will already be drawn)
BUT Not Anonymous (to save both LD and Admin time, and to avoid the additional $10 anonymous setup charge)

All we would need is some kind of draft order, and people could pick in order, kind of like Titan games.

If we have teams A, B, C, and D, and assign 12 points to pick #1 and 1 point to pick #12, you'd have something like this.

1) A (12 points)
2) B (11 points)
3) C (10 points)
4) D (9 points)
5) C (8 points, total 18)
6) D (7 points, total 16)
7) B (6 points, total 17)
8) A (5 points, total 17)
9) D (4 points, total 20 points)
10) B (3 points, total 20 points)
11) A (2 points, total 19 points, one less total point for the benefit of the first pick)
12) C (1 point, total 19 points, one less total point for the benefit of the last pick)

Team A: Picks 1st, 8th, 11th
Team B: Picks 2nd, 7th, 10th
Team C: Picks 3rd, 5th, 12th
Team D: Picks 4th, 6th, 9th

I don't really believe this is a "new" variant, as it's essentially the same as the existing Warlords draft games... it just wouldn't be anonymous (although again, it would be no-diplomacy).

Sorry for the complicated post, again, just curious if there's any interest.  If this is a non-starter for Ry Vor for any reason whatsoever, I'm happy to delete this suggestion.  Thanks!
Looks like fun. Seeing the board develop perhaps blocking someone if the start getting to nice a cluster.
Definitely looks interesting, especially the open draft.
You guys go ahead.  Its true, its no harder for us than the usual Warlords draft.