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Full Version: Orb of Anti Magic
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Does this artifact reduce losses from Summon Death spells?
(02-24-2015, 09:57 PM)Diamond Cutter Wrote: [ -> ]Does this artifact reduce losses from Summon Death spells?

I do not believe it does since Summon Death doesn't cause damage and is not a combat spell.
I have not tested it. I know TR looses four brigade to the spell and has basically the reverse of the ability and a DW looses 2 brigades to the spell and has the same natural ability. Both have about equal strength kingdom brigades. Of course that could just be a chart effect of the spell. If I can get a volunteer I would be happy to cast summon death on your troops in game 300 and then let you equip the orb and cast it again. I can supply the death and the orb Smile
Does the Orb bonus stack with dwarf resistances?  If it does, every Dwarf player needs that artifact in these heavy magic worlds.
It does stack for sure but still not sure about the specific question of does it give resistance to summon death. The description states combat spells and summon death is actually cast outside of combat
JF you also saw that SD does 3 brigades VS DW if DW/VE/RE are present so the resistance is only named.(1 of each)