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Full Version: Forget Not the Warlords!
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Warlord Up!

We have current game-forming threads for all other environments it seems, and I believe we have a number of Warlords-like players and maybe a couple players uninitiated looking to experience Warlords with two available game slots.  And a couple ongoing Warlords campaigns are getting long in the tooth, so more possible openings soon.  Plan ahead.

I am suggesting the Warlords might follow a recent trend in Steel and Magic, that the 3 excluded kingdoms are the RD, GI, and TR.  Team only victory, of course.  Draft. 
Just to explain a bit about what this format is for some of the newer folks, it's a four-player matchup where each player controls three Kingdoms (out of the 12 available for this game, which are EL, WI, DW, AN, WA, DA, GN, UN, DE, RA, SO, BL... we are not using RD, TR, GI in this one).

You coordinate your own Kingdoms together, of course, but other than that, you aren't cutting deals or doing a bunch of diplomacy with the other three players. Although you know which 12 Kingdoms are active in this particular game, you won't know who is playing what Kingdoms until later on. (I believe that's correct, anyway, please correct me if I'm mistaken, Rick!)

The draft is one of the most fun aspects of this format, in my opinion. You basically go through each round giving your top four preferences in order (or more later, potentially, as Kingdoms are taken), and see what comes back as available. If you get your top preferences, good for you, but you also have less information available in terms of what has been selected. Trying to form an effective team of three Kingdoms -- balancing geography, magic, military, etc. -- is part of the strategy and makes each game somewhat unique.
Well said.  A Warlords game counts two slots against your service level and you must be at least at Commander Level to join.  Some of the usual Warlords personas are in several games presently. 

If you've been considering getting in to your first Warlords game, this might be a good opportunity.
OK, then.  About time I tried my hand in this format.  I'm in.
I am in one now. Still no idea which person played which of the other warlord positions, though by turn 4 or 5 you can at least start to figure out which kingdoms are playing together.

It is a lot of fun. While one of your kingdoms may see three visitors at once, you have the same opportunity to overwhelm one kingdom of an opponent.

Not sure who is going to win the one I am in, but we are down to two warlords. Taking and holding 6 regions is tough.
(02-26-2015, 03:18 PM)VballMichael Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure who is going to win the one I am in, but we are down to two warlords. Taking and holding 6 regions is tough.

Ah, so it's you. Cool
Do we have to exclude the RD,GI and TR? I might prefer to have the choice to draft any kingdom. How do others feel? Either way I'll join this game.

Is it just Cloud and Drogo so far in this?
Count me in. I prefer the no RD TR GI option since I have not tried it yet with a draft.
One more and we can have a Thursday start.
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