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Full Version: East - West 6 Player, Non-Podium Players
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Rise Up for Glory Eternal!

This is for players who have not yet finished first - third in a Steel or Magic game.  OK to have finished there in smaller format like Primeval.

It will be a team of 3 East vs. 3 West kingdoms, but can also by won by Rex or Secret Victory.  It is Anonymous outside the team, meaning communicating only with your own team.
RA please
What are the kingdoms in this format?
Believe they are RA, DA, DW in the east and GN, TR, EL in the west
Be carefull that Panda guy is sneaky.
(02-12-2015, 03:44 PM)Panda Wrote: [ -> ]Believe they are RA, DA, DW in the east and GN, TR, EL in the west

Thanks.  I think I will take a pass on this one.  RA is the only one I like in this grouping.  I need to get faster on the "pick your kingdom" button.    Enjoy!  


I do like what you are doing here with intermediate sort of games ("non-podium players).  Any chance of mixing up the kingdoms a bit?  Not sure that a N vs S game would work giving the drastic impact of winter and all that.  But maybe a selection of kingdoms in the E vs W format.  Just tossing out ideas........ Tongue  If they are bad or unworkable, just let them pass........For example, I would be willing to play a WI in place of EL or DW on one of the sides.  Couldn't tell you whether that would be balanced though........
Careful, those are my children! All are worthy. How many kingdoms have you taken to completion? These kingdoms have been around for 20 years or so, and its not because 5 of 6 aren't fun. I think most players see that at some point. Maybe they only liked military or wizard kingdoms before, then tried a different breed and really got into it, signed up for the same kingdom next time based on the learnings. Then as well, as forum readers know, we tweak the positions fairly regularly, so they play differently, especially in the different environments.

The goal is actually to reduce the number of variables and pick the four or five formats that players prefer, so we can automate game creation.

This alignment of 3v3 seems to be pretty fair.  Its still early, this is only the second or third game of its type.
One suggestion I have for this format is to require SEVEN (7) , not SIX (6) regions for victory.
I would remove win by SVC. It will be hard enough to keep the other team from getting 7 region or 4 by one player but SVC with so much land available I could easily see a loosing team decide to claim the chezzy win before they get beat them selves.
Sorry, woukd be more flexible but never played RA before.
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