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Full Version: Service Standards
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We've never pretended to be a big company, we don't have a satellite office in India to handle requests at night time or weekends.

1.  Questions to received between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday will be answered no later than 24 hours later.  Support questions received later in the day will be considered to be received at 9am the next day.
2.  Invoices are due the day received.  While players are invited to change Service Levels when they wish, this does not apply to up to 72 hours after invoices have been issued.  Invoices are based on active games when the invoice is issued, not adjusted from when issued to when paid with a game ending in the interval. 
3.  Please refrain from "Special requests", "Favors", or "Quick Questions" to support.  We can't explain turn results, for that, please use the forum and experienced players will chime in.  If you have a legitimate bug to report, we want to hear about it and ask you give full details to  But we can't "look into what happened."
4.  Games are processed on the day they are due, meaning before midnight that day.  If they cannot be for some technical or personal reason, we will post about it on Active Game News.

We generally exceed all these standards, but that should set reasonable expectations.