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This thread will be for updates planned and implemented to the system.
Upcoming Second Cycle Changes

Setup related: <Completed>
Some starting food/gold values and kingdom influence levels will change

Troop cost related: <Completed>
RE / VE consumption to 1700 food / 1700 gold
TR consumption to 1700 food / 1200 gold
OG consumption to 2300 food / 2000 gold, acquisition cost to 12,000 gold
DW consumption to 2300 food / 2300 gold
BL consumption to 2400 food / 2400 gold

Leader related: <Complete>
Promotions (and new leader creations) will be less likely, and tied more to kingdom type, with a decreasing chance as leaders move up in rank (i.e. Marshals will be less likely be promoted than Generals).
A Marshal II being promoted to Warlord will be significantly less likely to occur.

Group Parley (order 170): <COMPLETE>
Parleys have been computed as a test of the ratio of the group’s value versus PC to the defense of the PC, with that ratio needing to be higher than a value attributed to the regional reaction of the group’s owner in the region. In other words, divide the group’s value v PC by the PC’s defense to get a number – e.g. a 25000 point group parleying a town with a defense of 8000 would produce a ‘parley ratio’ of 3.125

The farther from Friendly the group’s owner is in the region, the higher the parley ratio needs to be.

Status quo from the previous turn add to the required ratio by a factor of the emissary’s rank and their kingdom’s influence.

A controlled PC is twice as hard (multiply the required parley ratio by 2) to parley as a neutral PC.

New/Changes to 170:
Requires a General or higher ranked leader in the group attempting to parley, or the order will fail.

If ALL of the following apply, the 170 order will fail:
• PC Owner also controls the region in which the PC is located
• PC Owner is Friendly in the region where the PC is located
• PC Owner has declared the kingdom to which the group belongs an enemy

Having a Warlord in the group will provide an additional (their leadership value is already computed in the group’s value v PC) +25% bonus to the group’s value versus PC to be used in computing the parley ratio.

If the PC owner also controls the region, there will be a +25% modifier to the PC’s defensive value in computing the parley ratio.

If the PC owner has declared the kingdom whose group is attempting the parley an enemy, there will be a +25% modifier to the PC’s defensive value in computing the parley ratio.

There will be a small random modifier applied to the PC’s defensive value, from slight negative to slight positive, prior to computing the parley ratio.

The required ratios for each regional reaction level have been increased.

To help set expectations:
• A group at 3:1 versus a PC and Tolerant in the region should expect to be successful in Parley against a neutral PC with no other factors present.
• A group at 6:1 versus a PC and Suspicious in the region should expect to fail its Parley attempt against a controlled PC with no other factors present
• There is no combination of factors that will allow a group to be successful at 1:1 (or worse) versus the PC

Diplomacy (spell/order 171):
The diplomacy spell uses the parley mechanics as a base, with the wizard providing a modifier to the parley ratio based on their level.

New/Changes to 171:
Using the spell removes the need for a General to be present, however if there is not a General or higher ranked leader in the group attempting a Diplomacy spell, there will be a –25% modifier to the effectiveness of the wizard

The wizard will still add to the parley ratio (which must be higher than the threshold based on regional reaction), but at a greatly reduced rate. Think 10-20% of the previous addition.

To help set expectations:
• A Power 2 does not quite make up for not having a General in the group.
• A Power 3 casting 171 should expect to successfully Diplomacy an unowned PC in a Tolerant region if the group’s value versus PC is 2:1 or better against the PC’s defensive value with no other factors present.
• A Power 4’s Diplomacy spell would likely work against a PC in a Suspicious region with 3:1 group v PC to PC’s defensive value with no other factors present.

I will be coming back and editing this post with expected implementation dates, however they will likely be implemented from top to bottom and all should in place in the next 3-21 days. Other changes/additions that have been discussed are still being discussed...
Additional Second Cycle Changes

Kingdom Changes as described in other threads (Complete)
• Does NOT include order 118 - Attack Evasion
• Does NOT include order 121 - Entrenchment
• Does NOT include new artifact creation

Changes in combat penalties for kingdom being surprised (Complete)
• Leadership at 50% of normal
• Defensive value gets a negative modifier
• Losses during retreat phase are tripled

Provisional Governors (Complete)
• Cost to hire 15,000 gold
• Loss of 0.5 influence when hiring

Capital notification (Complete)
Emissaries relocating (350) to a PC that is another kingdom’s capital will announce this fact to their king on the turn results

Rescue Hostage success improved (Complete)
Chances of success for the rescue hostage order will be increased by 10 points
Chances of being caught during a rescue hostage order will be decreased by 10 points

Ambush Detection (Complete)
Warlords and P5+ will detect ambushing groups similar to their detection of invisible groups in the same areas as their own group.

Train ALL recruits (Complete)
• Order #550 will allow ALL recruits in the group to be trained to Veteran with a single issuance of the order
• Costs per brigade of recruits trained will apply (4000 gold / 3000 food per brigade trained)
• Place “A” in column B to indicate training of all recruits present

Attack Evasion (special order for some kingdoms, est 11/10)
• Order number 90
• Column A - group ID issuing order
• Column B - opposing group with which to avoid combat
• NO combat will occur between these two groups
• Only available if specified on kingdom setup information

Entrenchment (est 11/10)
• New order #118, format:
o Order Number = 118
o Column A = your group ID issuing order
o No target group is specified (complete only through Col A), the entrenchment position is in place against any/all groups that attack the ‘entrenching’ group
• All inactive position’s groups will have Entrenchment orders in effect for their groups
• Considered a ‘defensive’ order, groups using Entrenchment will not be able to attack / parley / diplomacy PCs nor investigate unusual sightings on turns that Entrenchment is issued
• A group issuing the Entrenchment order may NOT attack other groups (110, 111) on the same turn that Entrenchment is issued, if issued an attack order the Entrenchment order will fail.
• A group issuing Entrenchment will suffer a 5 point morale loss
• No bonus for defensive positioning is applied to the entrenching group
• Entrenching groups suffer a -10% penalty in combats
• Entrenching group’s retreat threshold is set to their kingdom’s tactic 2 threshold

New Prisoner Orders (est 11/3)
• Order #353 – Transfer Prisoner
o Order Number 353
o Agent abbreviation in Col A
o Area of controlled PC in Col B (unallied groups in this area will block order)
o Prisoner abbr to be transferred in Col C – Col G
o Destination PC area must be within Agent’s 10 area range
o Cost per agent level
• Order #299 – Guard Prisoners
o Reduces chance of rescue and escape chances by 10 points, plus 5 points per agent level
o Order number – 299
o Column A – Agent abbreviation
o Column B – Area with PC holding the prisoners to be guarded
o Cost per agent level

Portals investigation (est 11/3)
Successful 140 (investigate unusual sighting) of an area including a portal will yield the exit area for the portal. Use of a portal will cost 5 movement points, and no morale loss

Artifact Tweaks (est 11/17)
New artifact(s) and adjustments to some others.
Please note the updates to the status on a couple of items above, especially the fact that the 170 and 171 changes are now COMPLETE and in place for all games/turns processing after 9/25/14.
See udpates to completed items above and IMPORTANTLY, the order number changes associated with a couple of the new orders that need more work.
See updates in dates above, apologize for the delays.
New date updates above. Evasion (now Order# 90) and Entrenchment (now Order# 93) have been a pain. Very close on 299 (guard) and 353 (transfer prisoner).
Not in the prior list, but as advertised for a while on the forum, starting Monday 1/5/2015, trading with your own kingdom will now fail, as will any artifact trade for less than 10,000 gold.
It's been quite a while since I've posted so, I'll be starting over with updates coming to the existing code. We are working on the transition to the new platform developed by UncleMike for production games, so this list should ending.

For the next batch with an expected implementation date of 1/21/15 (Wed):

Seapower will not limit the ability of troops/groups to exist in a sea area. Loss of fleets through seabattle will be the only way to lose troops at sea. Groups at sea with insufficient seapower will be unable to move, but will not drown. Reinforcements/recruiting will be allowed at sea without sufficient seapower, but the group will need some means to move off that sea area.

Relocation emissary (350) will incur the gold cost regardless of any success of the relocation.

ESO attempts (order 992) are allowed on any of turn 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15.
ESO selection (order 991) and SVC selection (993) are CURRENTLY allowed on turns 1, 2 or 3.

Evasion order #118 will be available if allowed in your kingdom dossier. Initial kingdoms with evasion:
Elves in Forest, Dwarves in Mountains, Darkelves in Forest OR Marsh

I may revise this list depending on how the rest of the weekend goes...
Cipher and Uncle Mike have convinced me to put an end to Alamaze Classic development, and save other changes for future releases.  This should make pretty much everyone happy:
  • Players will have the game they have played and enjoyed for possibly decades remain as it is today, so they will always know it as they have come to love it and needn't worry about further changes that they might not approve of.  That said, I believe in the two years of our Resurgence, there is really no change, whether to the new map, the new look of turn results, the new order entry and verification, and all the changes within the game, that I would want to undo for the purposes of nostalgia, and I doubt many players would like to go backward either.  So we will call Classic perfect as it is, although we may continue to make cosmetic improvements, but not rule changes.
  • Uncle Mike and Cipher will work together on finishing touches to the new platform (web based XML instead of Clipper and PDF) and will look to migrate existing games to the new platform, as well as all new games.
  • While I will continue to be involved in Classic games and have all the administrative duties, I will be able to focus design-wise on the next renditions of Alamaze and after that, Kingdoms of Arcania, and possibly other games.

    I'll clarify this development arc over time, but the next thing is what as a working title we are calling 4th Scenario.  This will be on the Resurgent map, with 12 active kingdoms.  There will be maybe three new kingdoms, changes to all kingdoms, some new commands, revisions to spell lists and artifacts and the High Priestess model, many other changes.

    After that will be 3rd Cycle (working title), on a new map, with many, many changes.  Sea power will be completely overhauled and more fully integrated into the game.  Instead of a group level focus, brigades will each have their own characteristics.  So for example, instead of an Elven Division of 4 Elven brigades, the division would have the 1st Elven brigade, that carries its own morale, attrition, experience, and commendations, so the 1st Elven brigade might have 140 morale, Elite experience, 2% attrition, and be honored with different commendations.  Same for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Elven brigades.   New tactics will be introduced, that have certain requirements like a certain level of leadership, morale, tactical speed, and/or experience.  Players might have a peak at the Fall of Rome rules to get an idea.  Changes to the political model, including going to 7 regional reactions, revisions to the level of control and levels, including Tight Control.  New orders like Poison, Stir Unrest, Diversion.  New health status like weary, exhausted, light wounds, serious wounds, critical wounds.  PC improvements constructed to allow garrisons, increase defenses, production, intelligence gathering, maintain status quo, even effecting influence.  Many others, to be discussed later.

    We hope you will enjoy Classic for years to come, and also look forward as we do to the release of these new Alamaze games.
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