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Full Version: Web Order Entry - OFFICIAL
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This thread will be for official announcements/information related to the web based order entry utility in production.
Online Order Entry And Validation


1) Register your username/password preferences by sending an email to Nothing vulgar and both fields are case sensitive. Spaces are allowed after the first character.

2) Enable pop-ups for your browser to the above website. After you successfully login, the next page is displayed in a new browser session so you will need to allow pop-ups to continue. No cookies are being saved by this program but your browser may save certain form data by default. You can disable or clear this through your browser security settings. No harm either way to your online orders.

3) Type in your orders on the form as appropriate. Be certain to enter a valid account number on top or your orders will not be properly processed. You may use the TAB key to traverse among the fields.

4) Press the VERIFY ORDERS button to validate your orders. Make any adjustments if needed and press this button until a successful no errors message is displayed. You may submit your orders with any outstanding errors if necessary (further explanation in the attached document).

5) Press the SUBMIT TURN button to save your orders to the game server. Just typing your orders on the form or pressing the VERIFY ORDERS button isn't enough, you have to press the SUBMIT TURN button to actually submit your orders for the turn. You may submit an unlimited number of corrections this way but try to have at least one copy of your orders submitted two hours before the deadline.

6) If you logout and wish to make a change to your orders, press the LOAD/CLEAR ORDERS button to automatically reload the data so you don't have to retype everything again. If you wish to start over, enter a higher turn number than your current game and press this button to clear the page (remember to reset the turn number back). If you wish to submit orders for multiple games, choose the appropriate selection from the dropdown list and press this button to clear the page (you don't have to logout to enter orders for another game).

7) Press the SAVE COPY OF ORDERS button to save a copy of your orders to your computer. [button currently disabled, still in development]

If you have any questions, please read the attached document first which explains what is being verified for every order/spell in the game.

On 9/8/2014, all games will take orders submitted from the web order entry utility, see info above.
PLEASE submit your account number, web username and password combo to ASAP
If you have a turn due 9/8 or later, you can use the web entry form. If you are in one of the beta games for online order entry, continue to use it for that game.
You can prepare these orders at any time.

Do NOT use BOTH the excel form and the web order entry for the same turn of the same game at any time.
Use either/or until notification is given that the excel based/emailed forms will no longer be accepted.
Please note/remember that BOTH the username and password for the web order entry utility are case sensitive - if you send a username in with a capital letter, that letter will need to be capitalized on the web page.

If you have any issues logging in or seeing your list of active games, please send a note to

BTW - we've seen wierd results with players accessing the web page using older versions Internet Explorer, I know the problems don't exist with Mozilla/Firefox, so try an alternate browser if you get unexpected results trying to get to the pages.

The online order entry and validation program was tested with following browsers:

Internet Explorer 11
Firefox 30
Chrome 37
Opera 24
Safari 5.1.7 (Apple discontinued this May 2012 but it still works)

Once you can pick your game/kingdom, any browser related problems should NOT be in play.
IF you get a response from the utility that does not correspond to information on your turn/setup information, please send a note to, however the turn result information should be used.
While there may be some items implemented (always described on the development thread of this forum) that provide changes, by and large relying on the turn results information is the way to go.