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Full Version: Random Setup Elements
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By now, all experienced players know all of the major details of all the other kingdom setups and turn 0 report. I'd like to see each kingdom start with just one of several randomly determined options. For example:

Beginning PCs:

Option 1: The kingdom starts with 2 towns and 2 villages.
Option 2: The kingdom starts with 1 town and 4 villages.
Option 3: The kingdom starts with 3 towns and 0 villages.
Option 4: The kingdom starts with 1 city and 2 villages.

The same sort of thing can be done for brigades, wizards, agents, and nobles.

I'm not so concerned with the details as I am with making sure that the other 14 players can't quite be sure what my assets are.
I like it LD. I think Rick had mentioned something about choosing your preference for you kingdom by submitting a priority to location vs troop stength vs wizard power etc.. No reason this kinda thing could not be included. It would for sure make player think twice about just jumping into the closest city.

Also would be easy to have game auto adjust PCs to keep balance. Say add food to each town in 3 town set-up or make the city a food 0 in city set-up, 4 villages maybe make a bit more gold less food. The idea is now you do not just look for that town in R3 to take the DW or RD out early. Messing with other aspect could be fun to and really keep people guessing. May be a bit to much work for cipher. Never know though if he gets the ESO thing nailed down perhaps a lot of this stuff is similar.
I am all for starting easy and slow. Even very minor tweaks could make a difference. Simple things like having the wizards start in the 4th group instead of the 2nd. Or having your 3rd group start at your capital instead of the 1st.
I'm a big fan of things that would keep most kingdoms from getting their regions until T5 or later. It forces a new aspect of resource management, negotiation, etc. I think that's the attraction of the exploratory games for me.

I believe there is a new anonymous warlords game in the exploratory format. Oy that sounds fun. I have to win my other warlord game(s) first, but man does that sound like good times...