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Full Version: Game Processing and Support
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I just want to clarify a couple things about our email system and processing:

1. All questions on anything should go to Don't send questions to as we only use that for processing turns, so we won't see your support type question there until your next turn is processed, and as said, when there, we are only processing new turns.
2. Just send things to that relate to signing up for a new game, including anonymous game drafting kingdoms or requests for private games, Warlords,Titan games, or requests to be added to the standby list.
3. Only turn submissions, and all turn submissions, should go to

Also, if you are dropping a game for any reason, please send notice to (not activegames). We only use activegames to process turns. All players dropping a game should send an email to support and a brief note as to why should be included. This is because up until now, we have delayed processing some games for lack of a turn from a player, who then drops. So we irritated active players waiting for a late player. We have asked players who are late submitting to send a note to the forum out of decency to explain why the turn is late, and sometimes this is done (thanks Lord Thanatos and others), but often it is not, leading players to think we are slipping when we are actually tying up resources like game master time to accommodate the late player. We mainly will just have to process turns at the deadline as this attempt toward accommodation is working against our reputation for timely processing.

We process games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thursday is our development day, but somehow it keeps getting consumed with other things. I really look forward to Thursday development, so I get cranky when we don't get to do that. We will never get the vision of Alamaze realized if we don't have time for development.

Again, if you do want our staff to investigate something, present all the details necessary, which at a minimum are your game #, turn #, persona, pdf for the turn result with specific question and what you think was wrong exactly and what you think should have happened based on the rules (not hope). This rarely happens as the code is proved over 25 years, but if you think you have such an occasion, figure we have to spend $50+ an hour to look at something, and nothing takes less than 15 minutes. Never send "explain this to me". We are running turns at 2x - 4x the standard industry rate for turnaround, at 25% - 33% of competitors in the industry for pricing, so we are doing maybe four x the work at 1/4x the price.

Don't post something on the forum regarding service that is inaccurate. We spend months and years at near free rates after expenses building up a reputation and it just takes an ill-considered, incorrect, or hot tempered post to damage that.

We really hope all our players will help us build Alamaze to its potential, which should be in everyone's interest, except perhaps the internet trolls that visit from time to time. No offense to the Alamaze Trolls.