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I threw out the idea of an anonymous Warlords game in the thread Ry Vor started about the format and several people expressed interest. So I thought I'd start a thread here to see if four people wanted to commit? (Three, really, since I want to play!)

Here's how it would work: You sign up to play and submit a list of all 15 kingdoms in order of your preference to the noble gamemasters. No conditionals - that is, 'If I don't get the RD, give me the DW instead' - just a straight list.

The GM draws the four names in random order - so he assigns numbers 1-4 to the players. Player #1 gets the first kingdom on his list. Then Player #2 gets the first kingdom on his list unless it was the one Player #1 got, in which case he gets the second kingdom on his list.

When you get to player #4, he gets two draws in a row, then it goes back to 3,2,1,3,4,1,2 until everybody has three kingdoms. Non picked kingdoms are not present on the map. Players do not know which positions are not being played. The composition of the teams in not announced and allies are not declared at the start.

So there is room for all sorts of mayhem. Declare one of your own kingdoms an enemy! Vote for a random person on the HC! Declare an ally of another player - even better if you determine it's a position that is not being played!

How does one win? Control of 6 regions or most status points at turn 40. No contact, in or out of the game - scout's honor. Sending in game messages is an interesting idea, but too complex and we want something easy that doesn't give the GM any new work.

So, what do you think? Sign up!

Oh, and for the culturally challenged Dusi, Big Grin I offer these lines from Mathew Arnold:

And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.
I'd play but have no available slots. Curses!

And while we are doing poetry:

"The walls are hung with velvet that is black and soft as sin,
And little dwarfs creep out of it and little dwarfs creep in."
If the GM doesn't want to handle the detail of picking the kingdoms, I'll volunteer to handle that for games I'm not in.
I'm in. Will send my list asap Smile
I am in I will upgrade account when needed.

I would rather draft kingdoms secretly but not from a giant list. Maybe something like the draft moderator would randomly pick an order and let people know when it is there turn and who is left. You may be able to figure out two of the three for one team but really that is all and you would be able to assemble a team you would like to see work together. Draft order would be snake as you mentioned.
I think your idea is a good one and since we would have no problem getting a volunteer to run the draft (to save our GM the bother) I think it would work if you sent in your request and the Draft Captain would simply say 'Taken, try again' so you wouldn't be knowing who was left. A bit more work but gives out less information, yes?
Good for me if LD is willing. You almost hope you pick a taken kingdom just so you get some kind if Intel.
(01-14-2014, 01:10 PM)Jumpingfist Wrote: [ -> ]Good for me if LD is willing. You almost hope you pick a taken kingdom just so you get some kind if Intel.

I am willing and eager. Whichever method you like, I'm up for it. Just get me the list of confirmed players and their email addresses. I'll take it from there.
Well, we have three confirmed. Just need one more! Wherefore art thou Dusi?
I have the draft all lined up. Smile
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