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Full Version: #124 - Steel Resurgent with Twists - 15 Player
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New Steel on Resurgent

Here post your kingdom preferences for the next 15 player Steel on Resurgent (map). Your Master of the Game might award new players kingdom preference in this one (new = not listed in Valhalla and not Outcast)

Happy New Year: Resurgent start-ups are now just $8. Thanks to those who did support our effort with the new map and in all things forward for Alamaze.
I will attempt to master the Underworld, if you please.
I would love to try the Gnomes. Sign me up please.
(01-06-2014, 08:19 PM)Mauler Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to try the Gnomes. Sign me up please.

That was fast, Mauler. Are we gonna make nice or are we gonna show down?
You gunning for me this time?
That depends... 95/5 split of Runnimede in my favor... right?
Let me really scramble the deck by taking the Dwarves, then.
Et tu Dupont?
I will take DE please!
I wanna be a Witchlord. Make it so!
I'll go with the AN.
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