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Full Version: What Shall Be Next?
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This may stay open for awhile, but the poll is to determine now who wishes Steel on Classic or Steel on Resurgent, or who wishes even a separate queue for players with fewer than 3 completed games?
I doubt that I will ever play on the Classic map again. Give me the new stuff!!
I like the Classic map and wouldn't want it to go away, but since most of the games I am currently playing are on it, I voted for the new map. But I do like the old map, so don't retire it!
Resurgent Warlords or Titan Smile
The Next Steel Game Shall be Resurgent with Twists: five groups, four extra orders over Influence. Get Yours on the new thread for #124. (Anonymous will be #123).

Warlords players (4 players, 3 kingdoms each) may select any format they like. Generally we have a draft of kingdoms, the 3 non-selected either removed or un-played, no alliance victory.