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Full Version: Another new game
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well two of my three games ended. If a new post starts I would like to be in another game. I would like the Witchlord. Thanks
Before we start picking, can we get some confirmation from Ry Vor about what kind of game this will be? Because I'd be up for a new one as well.

And I had also expressed some interest in WI in the other thread, but if you really feel strongly about it, Titus, I would defer to you. Smile
Let me grab the DE while the going is still good.
Right, well if we're diving in, and Titus decides to stick with WI, then the least I can do is take his natural enemy GI off of the table. Smile But I would still love some confirmation from Ry Vor about the type of game this will be, if at all possible.

(Nothing personal, Titus, this was the other Kingdom that I'd chosen in the other thread, which is pretty much the last major Kingdom aside from WI that I really want to play, after UN freed up in the other thread. If you decide you want to play someone else, though, I will definitely switch to WI.)
My game just ending, and i just renew so i would like to get in another game.

I played TR last time and could again or play any other faction I am flexible.

I would like to sign up for another game. Trolls or Underworld please. Smile
I shall opt for the Dwarves. I enjoyed them awhile ago and would like to make another run of it. :-)
This will be the same format and conditions as Game #121 - Steel Resurgent.
Need to get experience in the new format: I'll take the RA.
(12-14-2013, 03:13 AM)wfrankenhoff Wrote: [ -> ]Need to get experience in the new format: I'll take the RA.

Cue the music!!

I'll go Black. Booya.
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