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Full Version: Invitational Alamaze Classic Championship of 2013
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This is the thread to finalize positions in the 2013 Championship. This is an Invitational, so only personas listed below may accept or decline the invitation to be in this Championship.

RSVP Required:
I'd request that all 15 personas confirm their acceptance with a post here, naturally a post that includes an assertion of the hows and whys of their anticipated victory leading the kingdom they have already championed, but now against only other champions. Anyone we don't hear from by 7pm Eastern this Thursday, Nov 7, may (regretfully) be replaced by the chosen second for any given kingdom.

This Championship game, no allies may be declared prior to turn 7, and from turn 7 on, a kingdom may have only one ally. A kingdom may declare an ally neutral in order to replace its one ally. A kingdom may declare no more than 3 enemies, including natural enemies, as enemies now increase status points.

Any trade between non-allied players can be no greater than 2 to 1. No trade among allies can be greater than 5 to 1. No artifact can be traded for less than 10,000 gold.

If there is no victor prior to turn 36, the leader in status points after turn 36 will be declared Champion via The Lion's Share.

Players are honor-coded to enforce the rules as we may or may not make coding changes to enforce the Special Rules, although they obviously can be easily verified by reviewing trade orders and declarations given.

Because this is an invitational, it does not count against your service level game position restrictions. However, the setup charge, in part to fund the prizes, extra GM time and to discourage any kingdom dropping, is $20.

TBD, as the objective is to have the championship concluded by year end, we may have turns due each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If that is a problem, you might wish to decline.

The Champion will have 2 free months at Imperator Level service (a $100 value). The Champion can suggest a name for a city in 3rd Cycle, and the default King / Queen name for the kingdom he championed. Note "suggest", as the suggested names have to be in theme. The Champion will be so identified in the forum, and the title added to his persona within games until the next championship is decided.

The 2nd and 3rd place finishers will be given one free month at Imperator. They will be called Knight Commanders. They can each rename a town in a region they controlled in the contest.
The personas invited to rule each kingdom in the Championship are:

The Deliverer bosses the Red Dragons

Wynand ruling the Stone Giants

Lord Diamond reprising his role of 1st among The Demon Princes

Nicodemus leads the Underworld

HeadHoncho is the Red Warlock

Tripwire will command the Troll Uprising

Loric is High Lord of the Elves of the Golden Woods

The Dark One, appropriately, is the Witchlord

The Gray Mouser will mix the alchemy of the Gnomes

Lord Moontree heads the Rangers of the Frontier Marches

Thalion II is slated to be King of the Dwarves

Hile Troy commands the Dark Skies of the Black Dragons

Hawk, deemed most ancient, is 1st Consul of the Ancient Ones

DuPont (he was just here a minute ago) is the Hidden Sorcerer

BlueFile2 would consider nothing other than leading the Dark Elven Imperium
I accept the challenge. Good game all!
Troll will try find our bungs and eat more face! Tripwire the Troll is in!

Oh man! Just saw that the win will be determined by status points! So the guy with the most artifacts after turn 36 will win?
The Red Warlock accepts this challenge!
Of course, I will take up the wand of the sorcerer again. My enemies will get the shaft!
Challenge accepted! The world shall be shaded by my never-ending flights of dragons!

Hile Troy
Fear not, citizens of Alamaze! The Ancients will once again return to protect the innocent and the defenseless. The tyranny of the Demon Princes will not infect our hallowed ground!

We come with justice, determination and a nifty democratic form of government.

I’m in…
More bat wing. Arsenic. Hoof of wyvern. Lead, more lead! Increase the flame. Toss in the phosphorous. Boil, boil, toil and trouble. Hmmm. Quite tasty. Try some.

Gnomes are in!
I will lead the Elves of the Golden Woods.

Looks like overtime for the fletchers of Oakendell...
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