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Full Version: 2nd Anonymous Steel Game
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Folks, OK, we'll start a signup for the Second Anonymous Steel Game. This time its OK to post your persona here, just not your kingdom preferences. Send those to, with at least three choices and/or three "not" preferences. However, this time, kingdom preferences will be assigned first to players in their first or second game.

Remember, this is an honor-based system where players are not to reveal in any manner (forum, email, in-game messaging, phone call, etc) what kingdom they are playing. Go!
Sign me up.

Harry O
Sign me up.
I'm in, and preferences have been e-mailed.
I'm in. Looks like fun.
I am in...
I'm interested - and still a new player, so prone to 'going splat' rather fabulously!!!


I'm in! I don't like talking to any of you anyway! ;-) LOL

I'm in!
Wow, majority of the spots filled in six hours! Awesome!
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