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Full Version: Order Entry
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While we await the completion of the online order entry webpage, attached is a spreadsheet that will convert basic order entry from the "Player" tab to the format that needs to be entered into the program (the "Ingest" tab).

Please do not alter anything on the spreadsheet other than the shaded cells meant for kingdom information and order parameters. We've run over 100 turns of input with the sheet to validate functionality, and input errors will be attributed to improper order completion.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: Double/Triple check your orders as entered against the rules/order documents! From personal experience, it's extremely frustrating to realize you entered the wrong group ID to attack with your invisible group when looking over your results rather than when checking your order entry!

There are basic instructions on the Player tab.

The Kingdom fields use drop down selections to choose your kingdom and the kingdom(s) to which you would like to send messages.

The Account number will need to match what has been provided by Enlightened Age Entertainment and will be used to validate that orders submitted are actually coming from the proper player. If the Account number entered does not match the player's account number, the orders will not be processed. Keep your account number secret, keep it safe!

Start with order 1 and progress through the number of orders your king/queen is allowed to issue. Orders are shuffled amongst kingdoms but processed in numerical order - if you enter too many orders, it won't be the last orders you put on the sheet that won't process, it will be the highest numbered orders.

IF you have any questions, please send a note to

Thanks, Cipher. Is there a way for players to enter orders if they don't have access to Microsoft Office? I do, but others may not.
(03-29-2013, 05:13 PM)Lord Diamond Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, Cipher. Is there a way for players to enter orders if they don't have access to Microsoft Office? I do, but others may not.
Open Office is free, and will read and save as pretty much all NS-Office formats.
Not having a lot of skill with spreadsheets, I need to ask: Is there something I'm supposed to do to make the ingest data show up?

Also, when it asks me for King's name is that my persona or the name of the King character in the game?
Cipher uses the Ingest, so please don't mess with it.

The king's name is the name of the king in the game. You have the opportunity to change it with your first turn. Just include that in your email.
This thread is retired. Look for the thread labeled 'Web Order Entry – OFFICIAL' at the top of this forum.