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Full Version: easiest kingdom
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Which kingdom is easiest for a beginner to play? Also, does Alamaze have a training program like FoR has with Centurion?
Others will probably disagree, but I would say the Elves are a good kingdom for a new player to start with. But there is no training program; you have to dive right into the deep end!
The GN is easy. Balanced kingdom, few special orders, usually only two players who need to be dealt with early in the game, both of which would be wise to support you if you are generous in spreading the wealth. And both of which are excellent kingdoms to have as allies, UN, RD.
I would go with the Gnomes or Elves.

Probably avoid the Ancient Ones and Demon Princes as they're more complex and you want a better understanding of game mechanics. I'd also avoid the Witchlord and Dwarves due to high potential of early conflicts against tough kingdoms.
Black Dragon is also a good choice