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Full Version: Sea Transport combat
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If I have 3 fleets in a sea, but only send 2 brigades across the sea via sea movement, how many fleets set sail and engage in combat with patrols? Is it the full 3 fleet navy, or just the 2 transport fleets?
All three do battle. If you lose two of your fleets, you'll lose one of the brigades.
If no brigades are traversing a sea, but two or more kingdoms are patrolling, do those navies get into a fight, or does the patrol only intercept troops?
Patrol 1st intercepts another Sea Patrol (if there is one) then it's randomized and in the rules I believe an 80% chance.
So, if you are sitting on a water square, but all of your actual movement squares are land, is that a 710 or 720 order?
Moving off a sea area does require 710/715