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Full Version: Game 5641 Cold Steel
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FT-DU: Looking for food again, if you can spare 100k. I've put the order in but will modify it if you can't or not the full amount.
Du-FT, I may have missed some time. If this request is for turn 14, I can accommodate your hungry kingdom. I will mark in 100k food for 50k gold. Waiting on your confirmation that this is for turn 14.

DU-ALL, I have another 70k food to spare if anyone else is hungry.
FT-DU: Yes, this is for Turn 14. As far as I remember, the idea is not to have trades with any one kingdom in back-to-back turns because of the 'no alliance' thing so that's why I skip turns.
FT-DU: You still selling food? I've love to buy another 100k. I've put in the order but of course, will cancel it if you can't do it. This is for turn 16 to be clear.
DU-FT, I can accommodate your food needs, 100k food for 50k gold. I am putting the order in.

The DU has another 100k food available is anyone is hungry.
LY ----> All

Selling 100K food this turn if anyone needs.
Gn -- Ly

I'll buy it.
FT-DU: Looking to trade 50k for 100k food on turn 18. Let me know if I should cancel my order or let it stand.
DU-FT, its a bad season. I can do 80k food for 40k gold. Let me know if this will work for you.
FT-DU. That works, order adjusted.
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