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Hang in there! After the ice age game starts, I will start a new confederation game. This is a 6-person game where everybody owns two kingdoms, with the goal of having at least 8 regions to their credit. This is a fun way to play, and I enjoy it thoroughly.
I'll play.
Me too.
Yes, as I said in the other thread, I will play. So that's four confirmed.
I will play if people will promise to play till turn at least 10 before dropping the game otherwise im not interested, skews the map otherwise.
Fine by me.
Good for me. One more needed
I will play till knocked out...don't take that as a challenge.
(02-10-2022, 01:39 AM)LtĀ Gisgo Wrote: [ -> ]I will play till knocked out...don't take that as a challenge.

Ill play and take last spot if still open.

Dupont, your early attack last game was no fun.
New confederation game.

I propose having a 48 hour confederation game. This means that each player will control 2 kingdoms.

As was discussed before in another thread, there is a bit of standardization to help everyone not get stuck with a bum position, like with 2 kingdoms far apart from each other.

This is what I propose:

So I'd propose these pairings:
1) Crown/Darkover
2) Krynn/Zanthia
3) Zamora/Sword
4) Mythgar/Untamed
5) Triumvia/Pellinor
6) Diamond/Nyvaria
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